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Who We Are

IQ Plant Hire was founded in 2018 as our partner companies, Uniqon Developers and Uniqon Wonings needed a company to manage their plant and supply them with their plant needs in the construction industry. Since then we grew in a sustainable plant company who pride ourselves in delivering quality plant services to our various clients.

What We Do

IQ Plant hire is geared towards your heavy earth moving equipment construction needs

The outright purchasing of heavy plant equipment and machines would be expensive for any company these days. It is because of this that many South African businesses choose the next best alternative – working with professional plant hire services. These services offer companies all the equipment and machines that they will need to take care of their contracts and meet all their demands. Our plant include


10 Meter Tipper Trucks

10 Ton Rollers

30 Ton Excavators

20 Ton Excavators

35 Ton Mobile Cranes

25 Ton Mobile Cranes

50 Meter Tower Cranes


Additional Rental Services

To fulfil our mission of being a total turnkey property solution, we also offer you services to ensure that you can achieve what you want to with everything under one roof.

Where You Can Find Our Equipment

We provide Pretoria-based companies with the access to the tools that you need to achieve your construction milestones. This will save you the money of purchasing new equipment which is extremely expensive. Many of our pieces of equipment for rent are essential to what your business may need to fulfil construction goals, but which you will not need on a regular basis.

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