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Company Profile

IQ Asset Management

Who we are

IQ Asset management was founded by HJJ Bendeman in July 2017. This was started as his development business.  The Uniqon group, needed a management company for their properties and other asset management companies. Currently, we have quite a few companies in the group including:

Our properties range from commercial properties including Makro Silverlakes, Lifestyle Centre Silverlakes, Adventure Centre Silverlakes, CMH Volvo, Trentyre Silverlakes, Ford Silverlakes and
Lephalale Mall, with a combined space in excess of 153 000 square meters.

We also have a range of residential properties that include Sandpiper, iQ Yellowstone, and iQ Whistling Thorn with over 1500 units and a total turnkey solution.

What we do

Included in our Asset Management Services:

Estate Agents

As we are registered with the EAAB, we are also qualified to:

Operations Management

We ensure that properties are always maintained in perfect operating condition:

Attention to Maintenance

We will assist with the repairs and maintenance of the common property by identifying problems and collecting and presenting competitive quotes from our approved list of contractors to the
trustees for their approval. We will not commence any work without the trustees’ proper authorisation of the costs thereof.

Special Projects

Due to our expertise as property developers and access to experts, we can offer advice on special projects such as painting of the building, extensions to a scheme or building.

Maintenance Service Agreement

Maintenance of the common areas within the scheme is subject to the trustees agreeing to a Service Agreement. Your portfolio manager and/or building manager will ensure that all maintenance items
are identified and logged online directly to the Maintenance Service Department. The Maintenance Service Department will arrange for access to the scheme for the relevant contractor for the
necessary quotes to be obtained for trustees’ or owners approval. The management process for the repair is performed by the Service Department in consultation with the Asset Manager.